Founded by Vanessa Uscategui – Health Coach specialised in nutrition for children, mmmyumm is all about helping you create amazing meals using the most innovative, fresh seasoning mixes.

Why mmmyumm? Because I recognised that as modern parents we live full on lives, multitasking and on the go! with professional careers to pursue, we would rather spend time with our kids, having fun, than slaving away for hours in the kitchen!

At mmmyumm our goal is to create globally inspired seasoning blends that pack a serious punch, all without the use of salts, fillers, additives and anything nasty.

As an Australian business, we source Australian and Organic ingredients where possible. Importantly, WE ONLY PRODUCE SEASONINGS WHICH WE ARE HAPPY TO GIVE TO OUR CHILDREN. Health comes first.

We invite you to explore our website, try our seasonings, and hope to see you as hooked on mmmyumm flavours as much as we are!

Experience a new level of taste.

mmmyumm seasonings have been crafted with maximum flavour impact in mind. Our seasoning combinations have been tried and tested in the home kitchen, where even fussy young eaters have come to enjoy the boost in flavour mmmyumm seasonings deliver. mmmyumm seasonings are for perfect for anyone seeking to get more flavour impact out of the food they eat, without compromising health and nutrition.


Seasonings, such as herbs and spices, have been used for thousands of years to give food fuller, tastier flavours. Nature was the only flavour enhancer our ancestors used and needed for many many years. As modern society has evolved over the past 70 or so years however, the world of seasonings has taken on a new shape, with most of the commonly available seasonings  (particularly on supermarket shelves) bastardised with the use of fillers, additives, salts, sugars and various man made flavour enhancers.

For those of us conscious of health and nutrition, new alternatives are needed. This is where mmmyumm comes in. We aim to redefine seasonings by not only introducing flavour combinations not seen before on the commercial market, but by keeping true to nature, using seasoning blends that are natural and healthy.

Our aim is to become the respected seasoning brand health conscious individuals turn to every day. We commit to being Salt Free, Sugar Free, Additives & Fillers Free. Where possible we source Aussie grown ingredients and/or Organic ingredients. 


The founder of mmmyumm knows what it means to live a busy lifestyle: three young kids, demanding career, professional wife. It was out of ‘busyness’ and necessity that mmmyumm seasonings first started life. With limited healthy natural seasonings on the market, our founder started blending his own mixes, which proved so popular with family and friends that the concept for a small, niche business was born.

With a focus on creating seasoning blends that must have strong, full flavours, the mmmyumm seasoning range is perfect for the busy person wanting to get great flavour out of foods, but lacking the time to spend hours cooking or the desire to fill their body with manufactured rubbish.

We invite you explore our website and try all of our amazing mmmyumm seasoning flavours!